Diving and the importance of dental health

With time dental fillings get worn down, teeth get damaged and the crowns loosen. In such cases, little cracks form through which the air can enter inside the teeth, but can’t escape back out. This way pressure equalisation can’t take place. In such a case a diver can feel pain during the descent, when the air bubbles, which are trapped under the damaged fillings, start compressing or during the ascent, when the enclosed air starts to expand, which can cause a crack in the teeth. Teeth filling can also loosen or fall out, which can cause strong pain in affected teeth.

Why is it important to do a precautionary dental checkup before the dive?

A barotrauma is not to be underestimated because the strong pain can compromise the diver’s judgment and therefore also his safety which can lead to an uncontrolled ascent.

A precautionary checkup at the dentist allows for a mouth cavity examination and a timely treatment of cavities or possible wear of the teeth and the dental fillings, therefore avoiding complications and possible problems and allowing a carefree dive.

Collaboration with diving centres

To ensure that the divers receive the information about the importance of a dental treatment and prevention of the barotrauma of the teeth, partner clubs found a professional partner in DentalGetaway at their side, to ensure the health and safety of their members in the water.

All members of the affiliated diving clubs have a dental practice at their disposal with medical specialists for oral surgery, restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

Special offer for divers

We offer to every owner of a diving licence (regardless of who issued it) the following:

A free of charge and non-binding specialistic check up and consultation with our dentists

Complete organisation of the arrival and the stay in Rovinj

Savings of up to 50% for treatments in Croatia when compared with the average prices in Italy, Germany, Austria or the UK

Croatia as a travel destination for divers

Only a few hours from Italy lies Istria, a travel destination with a fascinating sea floor, with a rich and lush plant and animal life and numerous underwater reefs, cliffs, caves and shipwrecks.

Our partner clubs organise diving courses for beginners and advanced divers, while dives to the numerous diving places and wrecks are being organised for the experienced divers. At the diving centres the high-grade diving equipment, which was thoroughly checked, can be rented or you can use your own.

Due to the mild sea temperature dives in Istria are possible throughout the whole year, especially from May to November.

Do not miss this opportunity before your next holiday, arrange a free-of-charge dental checkup in our practice and enjoy your relaxing holiday.

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