Our dental practices – specialists for restorative and aesthetic dentistry

Our renowned dental clinics offer local and foreign patients high-quality dental treatments at affordable prices. The practices combine medical expertise, innovative medical technology in the field of dentistry and materials from controlled origin to ensure the best treatment results and complete satisfaction for our patients.

Continuous specialization and education of dentists

Our dentists are specialised in implantology (dental implants), oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry and ceramic crowns and bridges. They possess professional qualifications issued by national and international certification bodies, and are valued members of medical and academic associations in Croatia and Europe, as well as members of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine. What sets them apart is their continuous professional education and their constant application of novelties in the field of dental medicine. Each year they participate in numerous training courses accross the globe to improve and widen their expertise and professional skills.

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Cutting-edge technology and highest quality standards of the materials used

The clinics are characterised by their quality of service, the advanced treatment methods and, especially, by the individual approach towards each patient. The treatments' rooms are all equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment. All the clinics are certified with the ISO 9001:2008 standard which ensures that all dental services are done according to the international quality management system.

All our clinics have their in-house dental laboratory, where all types of dental prothesis are being made. This offers many advantages to our patients such as:

  • Continuous monitoring of the manufacturing process by the dentists
  • Guaranteed compliance with regulations
  • Quick manufacturing of prosthetic dentures
  • The possibility of handling urgent cases
  • Lower costs because everything is done in the practice without intermediaries

In the laboratory, as well as in the practice, we use only high-quality materials from worldwide renowned manufacturers.

Implant passport

Every patient who have had their implant done at our clinics, receives a proof of treatment. It is the so called "implant passport" and it contains all the information on the treatment, the traceability of the employed materiales and it represents a great guarantee on the quality of all components.

CAD/CAM-Technology – innovative dental restoration

The CAD/CAM-Technology is a modern approach to restorative dentistry that allows for both prosthetic and aesthetic materials to be manufactured with unparalleled precision, in an extremely short time whilst delivering the perfect results in terms of both form and aesthetics. Our dentists use this technology for crowns and bridges, ceramic dental fillings, veneers, and for inlays, onlays or overlays.

How is it done
The tooth gets scanned in the mouth cavity by a special 3D-Camera, which is attached to a computer. After the scanning, the computer simulates the bite and jaw movement so that the replacement meets the aesthetic and functional criteria. The data is then being electronically forwarded to the CAM milling machine, which performs the needed work on the prosthesis in a few minutes and with the highest precision.

Thanks to the CAD/CAM system we are able to offer the best technology in the field of prosthetics without additional costs for our patients. One of the biggest advantage of this technology is the shorter implementation time: all the work, aesthetic as well as prosthetic, is done on the same day which lowers the duration and the cost of the dental treatment travel.

Other advantages of the CAD/CAM-technology include among else:

  • No need for the imprints or the transition prosthesis
  • Only two visits to the dentist are required
  • There are no higher prices related to the treatment
Hygiene and sterilisation – guaranteed safety

The hygiene standards at our clinics comply with the strict clinical standards dictated by state dental boards. Each practice has a fully equipped sterilisation room with an automatic cleaning and disinfection unit and an autoclave, a state-of-the-art unit in the field of sterilisation. Each part of the disinfection and sterilisation procedure of the medical equipment is being strictly upheld and conducted. All of our staff has undergone a healthcare and nursing care education which ensures the reliability of the sterilisation procedure. All medical regulations comply with the CE directives.

Personalized assistance

At DentalGetaway we strictly follow our policy of personalized approach to each of our customers. This means that we would firstly like to talk to you, in order to discuss your dental problems and your concerns.

After a thorough analysis of the situation, our dentists will draw up a treatment plan while we will take care of the travel arrangements - the transport, the accommodation and all other details related to your stay in Rovinj.

We will think of all you may need and make sure you have nothing to worry about. All our staff speak fluent English, Italian and German language.

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