Computer guided implantology 

The computer guided implantology is the safest and most reliable technique for the functional and aesthetic restoration of one tooth, various teeth or even the entire jaw. It guarantees absolute precision in the planning and the preparation of the implant procedure, with the margin of error reduced to zero.

Our clinic has the most advanced technologies that encompass the whole process of the implantology treatment -  from the complete diagnosis, to the digital planning of the treatment procedure and, finally, to the manufacturing of the final work – fixed dental prosthetics, ceramic crowns and bridges, and aesthetic veneers. 

3D digital imaging of the bone structure - CBCT

The digital imaging of the structure of the jaws is essential for the planning and the preparation of the implantology treatment. The 3D dental images show the teeth, the soft tissues, the nerve pathways and the jawbones, all in one scan. The bones are shown from every possible corner and with a millimetric precision, allowing the specialist to plan the implantology treatment and the results with extreme precision and unparalleled accuracy. 

Intraoral dental scanner of the latest generation

The digital intraoral scanner replaces the traditional  techniques for taking the patients’ dental impressions, which used to create much discomfort and unease for patients.
With this new technology, the impression of the patients’ teeth is made by simply taking a scan of the oral cavity with a digital ergonomic pen. The information is then sent to the computer which, in real time, duplicates the patient’s teeth and the bite, allowing the dentist to design the new teeth, in line with all the parameters to meet the perfect function and aesthetic. 
It is a fast and reliable procedure that guarantees comfort, safety and welfare for the patient.

CAD CAM – immediate custom made dental restorations

After having received the patient’s digital impression the specialist is able to elaborate the patient’s teeth and create the design of the restorative or cosmetic element in the shortest time, without compromising the function or aesthetic of the element. The work of the specialist is then sent to the milling machine, which in a few minutes manufactures the prosthetic work with such precision that it is indistinguishable from the natural tooth.  

The main advantages of the CAD CAM technology are:

Accuracy of the manufactured dental work
Visualization of the ultimate appearance of  the new teeth
Cost saving – all the prosthetic works are done the same day, saving time and, therefore, the cost of the dental travel

All – on – 4® – the revolution in modern implantology

The  All – on – 4® technique allows the restoration of the entire jaw with the placement of a fixed prosthesis on only 4 implants.
Done with computer-assisted implantology, this technique brings important advantages for the patient:
It is a minimally invasive procedure
The treatment time is greatly reduced – because of possibility of immediate implant loading
Graftless procedure – bone grafting is avoided by tilting the posterior implants 
A considerable reduction in treatment costs
Our specialists have been trained and received the  qualifications for performing the  All – on – 4® technique from its inventor, dr. Paulo  Maló, while our clinic is a Nobel Biocare™ certified clinic, world leader in the field of innovative implant based restorations and holder of the original protocol of this revolutionary restorative technique. 

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