Terms of service

General terms and conditions

The present General terms and conditions (hereinafter: Conditions) are an integral part of the travel packages’ program and, therefore, of the contract between the travel agent DentalGetaway (hereinafter: Agent) and the contractor of the agent’s services (hereinafter: Client). All the arrangements made between the two parties are subject to these Conditions, and they are binding for the Agent and the Client, unless they stipulate differently in the contract.

Reservation and payment

In order to have the dental travel arrangement confirmed, the Client shall make a booking deposit in the amount of 50% of the total price of the package. The amount of the package includes the price of the accommodation, the transfer and all the other services that are included in the leisure time of the clients - restaurants, trips - if the client has requested such services. The advance payment does not include the price of the dental treatment, which shall be paid to the dental office upon completion of the treatment. 

The payment of the deposit shall be made 25 days prior to arrival, at the latest. The remaining amount of the package shall be paid upon arrival.

All bank charges and expenses (SHA charge code) derived from ordering a money transfer overseas are to be paid by the Client. For reservations which are not paid in the full required amount there will not be vouchers released and we will not be able to provide the services offered.
No reservation fees are applied.

By accepting the Agent’s offer and performing the payment of the deposit the Client confirms that they are acquainted with the content of the program/travel package, as well as with the present Conditions, and that they accept them in their entirety.

As soon as the Agent receives the payment, it issues a voucher to the Client as a confirmation of the reservation.  From that moment, the contract is considered binding.

Cancellation policy and contract termination

After the Client has received the confirmation voucher and in the event of the booking cancellation and termination of the contract, no reimbursement of the booking deposit will be made. 

On the other hand, the Agent is authorized to completely or partially terminate the contract, without the obligation of damage compensation to the Client, in the event of external uncommon and unpredictable events that could not have been prevented, avoided or eliminated – and if they were to exist at the time of concluding the contract, would have been a justified reason for the Agent not to conclude the contract.

However, the Client has the right of reimbursement of the booking deposit in its entirety.

Client’s personal data and travel documents

When concluding a contract, the Client has to provide correct and valid personal data. Also, when asked by the agent, the Client has to provide personal documents necessary for the travel arrangements. The Agent shall inform the Client about all the passport, visa and other travel requirements. After that, it is entirely the Client’s responsibility to fulfil passport or VISA requirements. The Agent shall not be responsible for any delay or expense incurred as a result of the client’s improper travel documents. No liability of the Agent may be imposed for loss of or damage to travel documents.

Health requirements and travel insurance

Pursuant to the Law on providing Services in Tourism, the Agent is obliged to offer the traveler a travel insurance package which is comprised of: accident and health insurance during their stay abroad, luggage insurance, travel termination insurance and medical evacuation insurance. By signing the contract, the Client confirms that a travel insurance package has been offered. In the event that the traveler requests the mentioned insurance, the Agent will act as an intermediary between the Client and the insurance company with which the contract is to be concluded. The Agent will not cover any expense for illnesses that occur prior or during the trip.

Liability for damage

The Agent is considered liable for any damage, loss or injury caused by its action or omission, only and exclusively when it is the Agent who directly provides the service to the Client. In order to bring a claim, the Client should have suffered a damage, loss or injury which must be causally linked to the provision of the service. On the other hand, when the Agent acts as an intermediary for the Client in acquiring dental, transportation, accommodation and/or other kinds of services rendered by third parties, it shall not be deemed responsible for any loss, accident, injury, delay, defect, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned during the provision of such services. In such instances the Agent shall be deemed responsible only and exclusively in the case of gross negligence with the choice of such persons. Also, the Agent shall not be responsible for injuries, damages and/or loses which may have been caused to the Client by force majeure. Any complaint about the service shall be made immediately to the Agent. All refund claims must be submitted within 15 days of the completion of the travel, and adequate remuneration will be made only after approval from the Agent.

Liability insurance

Pursuant to the Act on the Provision of Tourism Services, the Agent has concluded an insurance contract with the insurer for the damages that the client might incur by as the result of non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obbligations related to the package tour.
The Agency has also concluded a contract with the insurance company to provide compensation to the Client:
- of the price paid for the trip in the event that the services are not performed because of the insolvency or bankruptcy of the travel agent; - costs incurred because of the insolvency or bankruptcy for the return of Clients to the place of departure.
Shall any of the aforementioned cases occur, the Client shall contact the insurer as soon as possible and hand the necessary documents.

Dispute settlement

The Client accepts all legal obligations deriving from these Conditions and from legal regulations. In case of a dispute arising from the contract, the Client and the Agent shall make an attempt to resolve it through mutual agreement. In the case of failure to reach such agreement, the parties agree to submit any possible dispute to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Rijeka, Croatia.

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